Comments from Buyers

"We were very pleased with the high level of service provided by Lynne at every point in the purchase of our home in Chapel Hill. She is an extraordinarily committed agent, a true professional, whose goal is to provide the best service possible. We appreciated her depth of knowledge of the local market and the various aspects of purchasing a home. And her efficient manner, attention to detail and personal attention made our home buying experience very smooth and stress free. We would highly recommend her!" -

Tom and Lorraine Masters, 2012

"My wife and I wanted to pass along a few comments about the great experience we had in working with Lynne Feiss Necrason and Jim Necrason. They were instrumental in not only helping us locate what seems to be the perfect house for us, but also in making our transition to the new home very smooth.

We met the Necrasons on a ‘scouting’ trip we took to the area several months ago. They showed us a house in Chapel Hill and we were impressed with their approach and knowledge. When we unexpectedly sold our home in Chicago about 3 months faster than expected, we needed to move quickly to engage an agent in the Chapel Hill- Durham area to help us find a new home. Since Lynne and Jim were so helpful before, we selected them.
When we think of what makes a good realtor, we value local knowledge, ability and willingness to communicate, follow-through, process knowledge, being proactive, trustworthiness, and ease of establishing a solid working relationship. We would grade Lynne and Jim an “A” in all of those categories. They were always reachable, gave us great insight and opinions about the local market, and quickly became a true trusted agent for us. Once we decided to make an offer on this house, we were constantly amazed at how knowledgeable the Necrasons were with respect to the process steps, time periods for different activities, inspections, and so forth. By proactively recommending a survey of the property that we didn’t necessarily need, they saved us hundreds of dollars when a fence on the property needed to be moved due to an encroachment on a pathway. That’s just an example of how Lynne and Jim were able to anticipate issues and provide great advice based on their experience. When we came across a challenge, it always seemed to have been something they’d seen in the past and that they had a range of potential solutions to address.
All-in-all, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jim and Lynne to any prospective buyer or seller. We had a great experience in working with them and you can count us as highly satisfied customers!
-Mike and Carole Martz

"Refer Lynne? Heck, we'd adopt her."

-Bill and Dale Flexner

"Lynne and Jim are a picture – perfect team. The level of concern and professionalism is outstanding. Most importantly they really listened to us. Every question was thoroughly addressed and answered. Every property we were shown met our criteria at some level. Lynne and Jim did not waste our time. They also were tireless in follow–up after the offer was made; e.g., inspections, attorney, lender, etc."

-Robert and Leonne Harris

"We would refer Lynne to anyone looking to buy or sell- especially friends and family because she is smart, caring, honest and a joy to work with. We are currently involved in our 3rd transaction with Lynne."

-Laura Andre and Cindy McShea

"When my husband and I were trying to decide between 2 houses, Lynne had us each write our preference on a piece of scrap paper and give it to her. That way, we could not be influenced by the other person, or say what we thought the other wanted to hear. As it turned out, each of us picked the same house. And we felt great about the decision!"

-Marty and Jennifer Polinski

"When I read your bio on your website, and saw how many of your signs were around town, I knew that you were the agent who could help us. You were patient with us, and we all know how much we called upon your patience! You understood that every person approaches problems or questions in a different manner, and that did not phase you. You gave us time to feel comfortable with what we were doing, and backed our decisions once we made them. Every question we posed was answered quickly and thoroughly, and when you didn't know the answer (which was rare), you promptly found us an answer. This was a long and sometimes trying process for us, but you were always on top of things. You knew the market inside out, you were creative in your advertising, and you always made us feel as though we were important to you. Never once were we handed off to an assistant to be dealt with, or left waiting for a call to be returned. All the people you involved in our transaction were first rate from the handy man who made repairs for us, to the attorney you referred us to. Thank you for selling our home, and helping us find a new one. We will always cherish your friendship and promise to stay in touch. Thank you for everything!"

-Tom, Amy, Matt, Jack, Dan and Ryan Kleissler

"We just wanted to take a minute to express our appreciation to both of you for the outstanding professional job you did with our recent real estate transactions. As you know, we have only bought and sold houses a few times. The whole thing can be so confusing and scary to the inexperienced, if one doesn’t work with professionals like you. You spent time with us, thoroughly explained what we should expect throughout the process, and developed an understanding of our wants and needs.

The two of you form a very effective team which benefits your clients in the end. You were supportive, informative, honest, and highly ethical which we really appreciated, even when you refused to tell us what we wanted to hear. We trusted your advice which is based on many years of experience and dedication to people just like us. You were strong advocates for our interests when it was needed. This took much of the pressure off of us.

Working with you two was truly a package deal in many ways - Two for the price of one! If we had a question, one of you was always accessible morning, noon, or night! Do you ever sleep? You kept us informed and went out of your way to make things convenient for us. Recommending mortgage advisors, inspectors, handymen, and attorneys was a huge help to us and saved us time and money.

Thanks again, and, don’t hesitate to give our names to potential clients. We have been singing your praises for weeks and will continue to do so. Best wishes to you both."

-Kathy and Bill Allee

"We were so impressed by Lynne's expertise and commitment to us beyond what was expected that, seven years later when we again needed a new home, we turned immediately to Lynne - with Jim added in the interim. Lynne and Jim again went a step beyond to help us find the perfect house, even though it was very different from what we initially told them we wanted. They were patient, helpful and flexible when we changed criteria as we learned what was really important to us. We love our new home, but if we ever need to sell it, we know we will call on Lynne and Jim!"

-Kris and Kathy Koechling

"During our relocation, Lynne and Jim were quick to assist us in every way possible and made us feel welcome to NC. They handled our business in an extremely professional manner. We have now been here over a year and on occasion we call them for information about the area. They are still there for us. Very nice and straightforward people."

-Alex and Peggy Janushevich

"The horrible sad and scary disaster of Sept.11, 2001 had just occurred. Everyone was tense, unsure and decision making was very difficult.

It was just at that time that Lynne held my hand and gently, confidently led me through the mind boggling process of buying my first home.

I felt that she was there for me not just as my agent but also as a friend. A strong bond was formed.

I have been in my "new" home now for three years and I am so grateful that Lynne was my agent. I can still hear her calm, reassuring voice.

Thank you, Lynne. This house is perfect for me and it has become a true home - just as you said it would be."

-Sue Caldwell

"I met Jim and Lynne while performing a contract service. …I was impressed with their "team" attitude and openness, and working for them was an enjoyable experience. At that time, my wife and I decided to switch to them for a real estate team as we tried to sell our Chapel Hill house. We had already met with another local real estate company who convinced us that our projected selling price of around $300,000 was too high and thaqt we should lower our expectations to around $250,000.

We asked Lynne to run her market analysis and she agreed with our original price. She gave us invaluable advice about a few things that needed to be worked on to help make the house more salable in addition to ideas such as arrangement of furniture to help the house show favorably. Her recommendations were "right on." We followed her advice to the "t" and the house sold very close to asking price within 10 days!

Throughout the process, Jim was our "man on the spot." He would drop by whenever we needed him to deliver paperwork, make suggestions and console us during the somewhat stressful home selling event. Jim and Lynne are a team that function efficiently, professionally and thoroughly to get the job done. We loved working with them!

Jim helped us find the Fearrington home. He knew what we wanted and within a week we made an offer on our dream home for retirement years. Lynne guided us with her incredible innate sense of pricing. We offered and counter offered pricing under her guidance and smoothly went through the potentially difficult transaction like a "breeze."

We are settled in, love our home, and will not hesitate to recommend Jim and Lynne to anyone in need of realty services. They are the greatest! Their personalities and expertise complement one another making them the best real estate "team" we have ever dealt with!"

-Frank and Chris McKeever, Sellers and Buyers

"We worked with Lynne and Jim to buy our first home and we were very impressed by how smoothly the whole process went. With their depth of knowledge and experience, Lynne and Jim did an excellent job of guiding us through every step of buying a house. They provided information and materials that answered all of our questions, helped avoid pitfalls, and prepared us for home ownership. Lynne and Jim were a pleasure to work with and we would love to work with them again!"

-Jodie LaPoint and Chris Weymouth

"Lynne and Jim are amazing! They explained each step to me and I felt so comfortable throughout the whole buying process. I felt very informed and supported! Lynne and Jim were constant sources of comfort and information. I could not have found better agents to guide me in my search for my first home."

-Carrie Jacobsohn

"Lynne helped my husband and I find a house to buy that we adore! She was so easy to work with and provided us with so much information from the very beginning to our happy ending. She was straight forward about helping us to make the right decision: from finding the right neighborhood, choosing the right home, and negotiating the right price. She is still in touch with us and has followed up on several things so that nothing gets left unnoticed. She is a go-getter and I'm so glad we chose her to be our real estate agent. We recommended her to my sister in law who is selling her home and she has been very happy with her service there as well. I highly recommend working with Lynne for purchasing or selling your home!"

-Jana and Greg Saur

"When house hunting you spend a lot of time with a realtor. I enjoyed Lynne's company, making the whole task more pleasant."


"As a single woman, first time home buyer, Lynne made the process easy, but also made me feel like a valued client. She always made time and I never felt rushed."

-Barbara Lytle


Comments from Sellers

"Lynne is a realtor with many years of experience and she has seen hundreds of real estate transactions on both sides of the selling / buying experience, so she will come to you with an extensive amount much knowledge. She is excellent at preparation, pricing, listing, negotiating. She was superb at staying one step ahead of the expected and unexpected. She also helped us with the entire process getting the property ready to sell, from recommending contractors to bringing items to stage the property. I would give her the highest recommendation. Lynne is there for her clients 24/7, weekends, holidays... she works so hard for all of her clients. "

Beth Teague - 2012

"Lynne provided very good guidance in regard to decluttering, recommendations as to decor changes and skilled staff to make the desired decor changes, and the staging of our home prior to the listing of the property for sale. Did a very good job in the taking of photographs, and there selection, for the brochures and the on-line listing of our home that showed the major features of our home. Gave good recommendations and documention, on the selling prices of similar property recently sold in the area, which we used in the setting of the selling price of our home. Once we received and acceptable offer, the details of any of the buyers concerns were handled professionally, and effectively, while we were out of town, leading to a successful closure."  - Bob and Pat, 2011

"Never in all my real estate transactions over the years have I encountered the level of professionalism that Lynne and Jim provide… I should also mention that my house sold in ten days at full price. Need I say more?"

-Joy Goryn

"How did Lynn and Jim do it? It was the combination of buyer-focused redecorating along with a significant regional marketing campaign. We have high regard for Lynn's counsel and method and recommend her to the Wexford community without reservation. We were off market for one week after we signed a listing agreement. After we came back on the market X days later we had a full-price offer along with a full-price backup contract. It was an impressive result in the dog-days of summer."

-Donald G. Hirsh

"I have dealt with a few realtors over the past few years. This does not make me necessarily and "easy" customer. My expectations are high and I tend to demand good service. Before listing my home with Lynne Feiss-Necrason and Jim Necrason, I had another low rate realtor trying to sell my home. That realtor put my home in the MLS listing and waited for the house to sell. There was very little communication or guidance on how to sell my home. The home stayed on the market for 6 months and we had a lot of "lookers" but no offers. I finally let the listing expire and looked for another realtor.

We choose Lynn and Jim to list our home with. They came and did a complete analysis of our home and made their recommendations. They showed us how to prepare our home and recommended some updates. The updates include some construction to make the house more useable and attractive to buyers. After the construction, Lynn and Jim put it on the market at a price that included our construction costs and a little profit. They advertised our home in every possible manner to get maximum exposure. It was in MLS, the internet,, newspapers, Craig's list and other mediums. We received an offer in 4 days after the new listing.

Lynn and Jim showed us the difference between people working in the real estate field and true professional real estate agents. They plan for success and then work their plan to completion."

-Pat and Tony McDonald

"Lynne knows the area and is quick to observe the needs and preferences of her clients."

-The Rupps

"In our case, despite a difficult market, Lynne accomplished in two months what others were unable to do in nine.

We love this house! Lynne laid out al the pros and cons of tough decisions so we could make them according to our best interests. She helped us to articulate questions and concerns."

-Laura Andre and Cindy McShea

"I recall that Lynne was "head and shoulders" above the agent for the buyer who purchased my Durham home in the beginning of 1990."

-Marila Cordeiro - Stone

"Lynne and Jim helped my fiance and me to find a house that we absolutely love, and after we took their suggestions on getting our old places ready for sale, BOTH of our homes sold the third day they were on the market! They certainly know what they are doing and their work ethic is remarkable. We felt well taken care of during every stage of the home buying and selling process."

-Michele Eager

"Lynne Feiss has sold two of our properties, both with the utmost professional care and attention. Both properties were sold in a timely fashion, and because of Lynne's knowledge of the real estate market, all parties, both buyers and sellers, were satisfied. Lynne goes into a closing with all known details addressed. We are just getting to know Jim and feel the two of them will make a great team."

-Charlotte and Barry Lentz

"Lynne and Jim provide a very thorough and thoughtful assessment of the assets and drawbacks of the home to be sold. They are patient and very supportive of how difficult and sometimes painful it is for the homeowners to sell their home. A well reasoned comparable report was provided which made the asking price seem to be based on a rational formula, not somebody's guess obtained from very little information or facts. Their marketing strategy included numerous venues which provide greater exposure and the website was a prime factor in our house selling. We were well represented in all necessary realty actions especially the closing."

-Sue Baker

"Lynne came highly recommended from (my boss). He had a condo for sale in The Oaks that had lingered on the market in the early 80s. He changed from his current realtor to Lynne and the condo sold quickly. He advised me if I ever needed a realtor, Lynne could get it done. As his nurse, I knew the family personally having cared for Lynne's parents. … We lived in that home 10 years. In 2004, when my husband was changing jobs, of course we call Lynne. HERE'S THE TESTIMONIAL…The house was a solid brick home but rather dated for the current market with dark woods. Lynne advised that we lighten the wood by painting, adding new carpet, and brought in a decorator to give us advice on the updates to curtains, bedding etc. We were resistant to paint wood but we placed our trust in her judgment and were very pleased with the results. The total upgrades were around $5000 but the profit at closing due to the upgrades alone was more than $22,000! Without Lynne's sound advice, we would probably not have updated and sold the home for much less.

There's so much more to the story. … Lynne and Jim were very patient with us having extra open houses, being calm when we panicked and wanted to lower the price each month for quick closure. The amazing part is due to the internet connections, the panoramic photos available online, and the connections within her office. Lynne found a California buyer who was looking for just such a house, near a special school they desired for their daughter. This time Lynne went the EXTRA mile having to fax us the offer while we were on vacation in the Bahamas!

Thank you Lynne and Jim for the grat service you provide in real estate, for your kindness, patience and friendship to our family. If we ever relocate again, we'll call on you and will recommend you to all who need realtors in the Triangle area."

-Debbie and Frank Dodson, Buyers and Sellers

"Lynne & Jim were outstanding throughout the entire process. They thought of things before I did and acted quickly to make the process proceed as smooth as possible. I would recommend them to anyone interested in buying a home. They actually made the transition period enjoyable."

-Dr. Frazier Keck, Seller and Buyer

"Lynne has a go getter attitude. She is very knowledgable, a people person."

-Barbara Paren

"After working closely with me to prepare my house for the market, Lynne sold the house in just two days! I was thrilled! Lynne has remarkable expertise and valuable advice. If you take her advice, she’ll sell your house quickly. I had such a good experience working with Lynne that when it came time to buy a new home, Lynne was the only Realtor I wanted. She was as successful a Buyer’s Agent as she was a Seller’s Agent! I couldn’t be more pleased with my new home. Lynne takes all the “head-scratching “ out of contracts and procedures as well by making sure you completely understand them. If you want a very personable Realtor with integrity who will work hard for you, it’s Lynne! Working with Lynne gave me great peace of mind. Thank you, Lynne!"

-Manny and Jackie Aparicio, Seller and Buyer

"Lynne is absolutely amazing. She worked with us tirelessly to find our first home and it turned out to be a perfect fit. Her expert advice as we waded through all the available homes was spot-on. Her husband Jim was a huge added bonus when it comes to evaluating each house's potential. When we finally found the house that was perfect for us, she helped us negotiate a really great price.

When it came time to sell our house, we of course asked for Lynne's help. Not only did we make a tidy profit on our house, but it sold in less than 24 hours. She guided us through the staging process and gave us some "tough-love" remodeling advice which paid off in spades.

I highly recommend Lynne for any potential buyer or seller. We recommended her to several friends, all of whom have had the same positive experiences with her. I think that most folks will find that her expert advice, efficiency and tenacity end up paying for themselves."

-Thad and McKenzie Snyder, Buyer and Seller

"Lynne helped us buy two homes and sold one for us. After we implemented the recommendations she made we put our house on the market and had a contract in two days. She will go to the mat to find you the home you are looking for. Don't list your home with her unless you want to sell it quickly. Lynne does not let any grass grow. She does expect you to do your part, and she and her husband Jim make an excellent team. Lynne is a true professional, knows her business inside and out and has a high level of integrity."

-Les Phillips, Buyer and Seller

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